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Online Slots Basics— Popular Online Slots Myths Debunked

Online Slots Basics— Popular Online Slots Myths Debunked

If you’ve played slots in a land-based casino before but want to experience it in an online setting this time, you’ll probably wonder if there are glaring differences between the two. You’ll find that aside from the specific gaming platforms they are played at, as far as the game is concerned and the rules surrounding it, they remain the same virtually as they do on land.

Of course, the online setting will no longer require the presence of an actual slot machine. While some people might be disappointed at this setup, but there are a ton of benefits that players can get out of this modern setup. For instance, they won’t need to play on an actual machine, which makes the whole thing very straightforward.

Newbie players might get intimidated operating a slot machine in an actual casino. In online casinos, this isn’t a problem you’ll have to deal with.

Instead of figuring out where you put your coins in or which buttons to press and levers to operate to get the machine running, online casinos will only require you to push a single button and the game is all started!

Much like many of the games that online casinos offer, slots is no exemption when it comes to the use of RNG. Random number generators have been crucial tools for online casinos due to their ability to ensure that all the games that are played on any virtual gambling setting are random and fair. While what the RNG software can do is quite impressive, some people might miss the nostalgia involved with playing on an actual slot machine.

Still, while other people might find it a disappointment that there aren’t actual slot machines in online slots, many others have found the setup very convenient. Online slots have helped simplify the whole process.

This popularity surge that slots have been getting has made more and more people flocking to the online setting. As with anything popular, it didn’t take long before myths and other beliefs concerning online slots have started to pop out. We want to make sure that newbie players aren’t going to get drowned in unnecessary misconception when playing this game are online casinos.

So, we decided to take on some of the most common myths proliferating about online slots out there and straighten them out once and for all.  

Myth 1

The payouts for online casinos are rigged at certain times and payouts are generally bigger when you play at a time when there is higher traffic volume.


Not true. Online casinos, at least the legit ones, are subject to strict regulations so they can continue their operation. They are also governed by strict laws on fair gaming and as such, they are under the watchful eyes of various organization and commissions. Besides, casinos are risking everything if they will attempt on their players. Not only will they have to face legal ramifications if they do, but they will lose their license to operate the gambling platform too.

Myth 2

When somebody this the jackpot in one machine, you will no longer likely to hit the jackpot on yours.


A digital interface is used when operating slot machines online. It is powered by a microchip that is responsible for generating billions of combinations after a spin is made. Every combination is random so the chances of you hitting the jackpot will not change even when somebody else has done so.

Myth 3

If the jackpot has not been won for a long time, then you’re ripe for a large payout.


The random number generator that powers online slot machines s designed to generate random combinations. So, the possibility of you hitting or not hitting a huge payout will remain unaffected no matter when the last time was that a high payout has been won.

A Beginner’s Betting Guide on Online Roulette

A Beginner’s Betting Guide on Online Roulette

If you’re new to gambling but want to at least learn to play a game, one game to consider is online roulette. Unlike many other games out there that can get quite complicated in terms of their rules and the strategies used in playing them, online roulette makes it easier even for those that don’t have any casino experience at all.

While it may be one of the easiest games to play, winning it may be a different matter. It is a game of luck, after all. If you aren’t careful, this is one game that can easily get all your bankroll used up. As is common with any game of chance, there’s no single strategy that can win you online roulette. What you can do though is take cautious steps whenever making your bets. This ensures that you can maximize your winnings while minimizing your losses in the process.

The following are some tips you should apply if you decide to play online roulette:

You’ll never go wrong with European Roulette.

You’ll find that there are two most popular types of roulette you can choose to play— the American and European versions. It should be easy enough to identify them based on the number of slots they contain.

The European version has 36 slots while the American version has an added 00, which totals to 37 slots. While both these types of roulette offer the same excitement, thrill and fun, your odds are significantly decreased when you choose to play the American version. This is because, in American roulette, the casino’s advantage is significantly doubled compared to the European version.

This means that you are basically playing a game where you are most likely to lose against a casino that already has a considerably high advantage. Also, the online casino will be making double the profit in American roulette. This is why seasoned players will only choose to go for the European version.

Never make emotional bets.

Most of the mistakes that people commit when playing online roulette is making bets emotionally. This usually happens when they experience a losing streak and they clamor to at least score even just a single win. A lot of people become even more emotionally invested in a game when they have lost too many times because they want to chase after the loss and try to win back their money.

It is usually situations like these when people fail to notice that they have spent way too much in the process. Playing and betting with emotion is only going to lead you to lose even more. You will always make better decisions when you play a roulette game by thinking with a clear head and not panicking the moment you start losing.

Never wager money you can’t afford to lose.

Just like any casino game, there’s no such thing as an assured win in online roulette. Even when you employ tested and tried roulette strategies that other people will swear by, there is still no guarantee that it will lead you to a sure win. It might increase your chances but it will never set your win on stone.

With this in mind, you need to be extra careful when determining how much you should spend if you will gamble via online roulette. Set a budget and see to it that you will only limit your bankroll to figures that you know you won’t mind losing.

Practice as many times as you can.

You’ll find that there is really no better strategy to online roulette than to practice as much as you can. Take advantage of the free to play versions that online casinos offer. It is only when you really immerse yourself in the game that you’ll gain a better understanding of how it is played. You’ll increase the chances of you winning when you do so. What’s even better is that you’re not even losing real money when you do so since it won’t require any real bet.

Coming Out on Top of Online Blackjack Tournaments— A Guide to Preparing Like a Pro

Coming Out on Top of Online Blackjack Tournaments— A Guide to Preparing Like a Pro

If you wish to play blackjack online, you have to decide whether you only wish to do so for fun or if you’d love to win and earn some money on the side too. If it is the latter, then you’d love being part of a blackjack tournament. Sure, you’d be up against some of the greatest and the best in the game. But the prizes involved will be just worth all your effort. The tips we share below might help you increase your odds to finally score a blackjack win.

Blackjack has always enjoyed immense popularity among gamblers in land-based casinos. It is a game of chance, yes. But players also love the fact that there are strategies they can employ which can help turn the odds to their favor. This hasn’t changed when the game started becoming a regular feature in online casinos. If you wish to play the game online and win some, you need to be smart in doing so.

If there’s one thing that seasoned online blackjack players can tell you about the game, it’s that the online version tends to be predictable. This means that even without paying that much attention to the game’s rules.

However, if you’re goal is to win as often as you possibly can, then you’ll need to master the many ways that you can smartly play the game. You’ll need to learn about the many strategies you can employ, how to employ them and how to see to it that they will indeed positively affect your overall blackjack performance.

When it comes to blackjack strategies, it’s also important that before you commit to learning every single one of these tricks, you must remember that they do not, in any way guarantee any win at all. They are designed to help increase your chances of beating the house. But they do not guarantee that you will beat the house at all times. The same is true with online casino blackjack. Strategies can help make the odds more favorable to you, but this doesn’t guarantee a win.

Learning the betting system is one strategy you might want to start learning if you are to be more successful in online blackjack.

Proper bet management is crucial so you will end up not losing more while at the same time, ensure that you’re earning profits in the process. A variety of betting systems are out there today from Paroli, Martingale, Trioplay and Labouchere to even progressing betting.

Learning these systems will help you make the right decisions at the right moment while playing the game. With this, you can maximize your wins while also minimize your losses in the process.

You’ll also need to learn some playing strategies too. In this system, you will need to pay close attention to the game situation as well as the specific cards that have already been revealed so far. Many seasoned players swear by how good a strategy card counting is for this purpose. Somehow, it will be easier for you to predict what your dealer’s cards are based on what he has shown so far so you can decide what your next move should be.