We have two movie posters available below to download and print. Click to view a full-sized web version. Hit the link below each to download a full-res printable PDF.

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Download PDF for poster above.


BEER HUNTER: THE MOVIE screening packages

After five years in planning and production, Beer Hunter: the Movie is now available for public screenings. We've designed the film specifically for breweries, brewpubs, and small theaters with flat screen TVs or digital projection. Total run-time is about 2 hours, which includes a 15-minute beer break in the middle of the film which has been very popular!

Your screening fee includes a DVD or Blu-Ray disc with the theatrical version of the film (note: it is not the Special Edition DVD with extra scenes). It also includes a location specific LIFETIME public license, meaning once you purchase the license it's good for as many screenings as you would like for as long as you want, per location. If you have multiple locations you MUST PURCHASE A LICENSE FOR EACH. You may purchase full-size posters, t-shirts, and retail DVDs at bulk pricing through our store, if you would like to sell them through your establishment or in conjunction with your screening.

Contact us if you would like to set up an alternate screening payment method (check, wire, etc.), or if you need to make a payment or shipping arrangement with us. Discs ship via United States Postal Service. Allow 3-4 days for delivery within the U.S., 1-2 weeks for international.

RETAIL DVDs - contact J.R. Richards for information about selling the Special Edition home DVD at your event.


EXTRA SMALL - $100. For home brew clubs, small non-profit events, and small brewpubs seating up to 25 people.

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SMALL BREWPUB - $150. For breweries, pubs, or venues holding up to 50 people. Events can be ticketed, public, or private as determined by the venue and organizer. Lifetime license, multiple screenings.



MEDIUM BREWPUB - $250. For breweries, brewpubs, bars holding up to 100 people. Ticketed or non-ticketed determined by venue. Lifetime license, multiple screenings.



LARGE BREWPUB, THEATERS- $375. For theaters showing multiple screenings, large breweries, or events holding more than 100 people. Ticketed event recommended. Lifetime license, multiple screenings.



If you would like to host a private screening, or invite the director to your event for a panel discussion or Q&A, contact John R. Richards to talk about your ideas.


We strongly encourage some fundraising component to your screenings, either donating to the National Parkinsons Foundation, a local charity, or to our Beer Hunter Movie team at the Fox Foundation. We are happy to help promote your event, or work with you to design something unique, just let us know what we can do to help!

Thank you for helping us and the craft beer community remember Michael Jackson!